Soil & Geochemical Characterisation | X-LAB

X-Lab has the capability to provide the following services for Rock, Soil, Waste Rock, Sludge and Mine Tailings.

  1. Waste assessment and classification for disposal according to the National Norms and Standards for Disposal of Waste to Landfill – NEMWA (Act 59 of 2008)
  2. Contaminated land according to the National Norms and Standards for the Remediation of Contaminated Land and Soil Quality – NEMWA (Act 59 of 2008)
  3. Geochemical characterisation includes:
  • Static Testing
  • Acid Base Accounting (ABA)
  • Net Acid Generation (NAG)
  • XRF and XRD analysis
  • Total recoverable metals – ICP-OES following acid dissolution
  • Major cations, anions and trace elements following liquid extraction. Extraction solutions include TCLP, SPLP, reagent water, acid rain and customised leaches
  • Kinetic Testing: Humidity Cells, Column Leach Tests